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Rio Cinema could face closure for cancelling Eurovision screening

Rio Cinema Dalston is now under investigation by the Charity Commission for cancelling its Eurovision screening party because of the competition’s inclusion of Israel.

In a now-deleted statement on Instagram, Rio Cinema wrote, “Following discussion with the organisers of Eurovision Party London, we have collectively decided not to screen the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest this year while Israel remains in the competition.” They continued, “We will continue to organise fundraising events for the charities we support, including Doctors Without Borders and Medical Aid for Palestine.”

Due to written complaints from politicians and pro-Israel groups, the Charity Commission is launching a “regulatory compliance case” to assess whether there had been “wrongdoing” in the cinema’s decision to boycott Eurovision. 

If Rio Cinema is found to have broken any rules, it faces the threat of losing its tax breaks as a charity, and many who love the east London cinema worry that it could result in its closure

Dazed has contacted Rio Cinema for comment. 

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