Abbie Chatfield & Multiple MAFS Brides Are Feuding With Harrison

It’s been almost a year since we finally got rid of Married at First Sight’s (MAFS) Harrison Boon from our TV screens, yet he continues to pipe up with controversial opinions. The groom’s latest comments have been directed at Abbie Chatfield and four Season 10 brides: his ex Bronte Schofield, Alyssa Barmonde, Sandy Jawanda and Lyndall Grace

I don’t want to give his comments too much attention, but MAFSTahnee Cook has shared the perfect response, so let’s get into it. 

The tl;dr is that the walking red flag ex-reality star labelled Abbie and other reality TV stars as “the unmarryables”, highlighting the cooked view that there’s a “danger zone” for women between 27 and 35 years old. The catalyst seems to be that both Abbie and Lyndall recently broke up with their boyfriends and Harrison saw this as a great opportunity to shame the women. 

“You ladies might have avoided accountability on MAFS but karma is a bitch. The market ain’t buying what you’re selling and you’re running out of time,” he wrote on Instagram. “All the emotional support you get from feminist echo chambers on Facebook and Instagram clearly aren’t filling that void. Best of luck though. You can always adopt a dog?”

Harrison shared some unhinged ideas on Instagram. (Image: Instagram @itstahnee @harrison_boon_)

UGH. There’s a lot to unpack here, but the idea that a woman’s worth is tied to her age is some next-level red pill shit. And it’s 2024: why are we placing so much importance on getting married and having kids? Pretty sure that view is outdated as fuck. 

Tahnee shared a brutal response to Harrison on Instagram, describing this type of thinking as “misogynistic, toxic and just stupid”. 

“Being on MAFS was an intense experience for everyone and even immensely harder for those who put their hearts on the line to have it broken so publicly in front of the world. I love these girls so much and I won’t allow them to be spoken about in such a gross tone,” she said.

“The sentiment that women are [of] no value to men when they hit a certain age, it’s just disgusting… It is no longer normalised to stay in unfulfilling and toxic relationships in fear of being undesirable. Your age doesn’t determine your worthiness of love.”

Graphic from MAFS' Tahnee's Instagram
Tahnee’s heartfelt post supporting her MAFS castmates. (Image: Instagram @itstahnee)

Abbie and Harrison’s mini-feud

Our girl Abbie is known for being outspoken, but is possibly blocked by Harrison on Instagram, which is low-key a badge of honour. She posted an Instagram Story asking followers to send her anything they see of Harrison spouting off about her, before declaring her intent to take him down. 

In a screenshot of a message to her podcast team, she wrote: “If anyone has seen anything Harrison Boon has said, keen to destroy him.”

L: Screenshot of a text message shared by Abbie Chatfield, text reads “If anyone has seen anything Harrison Boon has said, keen to destroy him.” R: Selfie of Abbie Chatfield shared by Harrison Boon on Instagram, text reads: “Abby, if you want to ‘destroy’ me, why don’t you do it to my face instead of behind my back? Display some integrity for once and lets talk. My phones open,”
Harrison is really out here trying to shame Abbie for… doing exactly what he did? (Image: Instagram @abbiechatfield, @harrison_boon_)

And of course, Harrison shared another Instagram Story where he lectured Abbie on airing their dirty laundry out in public. Respectfully, but isn’t that exactly what he did? 

“Abby [sic], if you want to ‘destroy’ me, why don’t you do it to my face instead of behind my back? Display some integrity for once and let’s talk. My phone’s open,” he wrote. Integrity? Hmm. Not a word that I’d associate Harrison with.

How did Bronte, Sandy, Alyssa and Lyndall respond?

Bronte took to her Instagram Stories to expose Harrison for his weird behaviour, revealing that Harrison shared an old Hinge profile for her, so he’s had that screenshot saved for a while. Oop. She followed that up with an exasperated vid where she asked why he won’t stop talking about her, since it’s been a year and a half since they split. I guess he’s a bit like a cockroach, hard to get rid of and unpleasant to see. 

Lyndall shared Tahnee’s Instagram post and added a little note of thanks to her bestie. “This is all very raw for me. I’m sure as you know I pride myself on not being a reactive person, but second to that, I truly never want to bring attention to people who should absolutely *not* have a platform to spread this kind of dribble,” she wrote.

“BUT my girl Tahnee has hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t have done the experiment without the girls.”

Three screenshots of Instagram stories from MAFS contestants Sandy Jawanda, Lyndall Grace and Bronte Schofield
I quite enjoyed Bronte’s revelation that Harrison has been keeping tabs on her. (Image: Instagram @sandyjawanda, @_bronteschofield, @10dall, @harrison_boon_)

Alyssa jumped into the conversation by sharing Harrison’s “danger zone” post and adding: “The fact he has access to social media and a following in order to post shit like this is literally terrifying.”

She also took a lil dig at the groom by saying that they’d all been ‘married’ on MAFS, so his “unmarryable” label is kinda moot. 

Sandy threw in her two cents by saying she didn’t want to platform Harrison’s views, but that it “needed to be called out”.

“What he fails to see is that some of us chose to work on ourselves and process the trauma of what we went through instead of looking to validate us,” she wrote. 

Tahnee Cook calls out the men on MAFS for their silence

I noticed on Tahnee’s Instagram post that multiple other MAFS brides jumped in to support Harrison’s targets, with Caitlin McConville, Janelle Han and Selina Chhaur leaving comments. But when it came to the men? Crickets. 

Tahnee wasn’t surprised that the men from Season 10 stayed quiet, telling PEDESTRIAN.TV: “You even saw in this season of MAFS when Jack made the muzzle comment to Lauren, where was the outrage from the men? We seriously need more positive male role models out there because it’s stuff like this that’s the reason why we are seeing such a generation of toxic men.”

She continued: “Harrison is saying that because we are still single, that’s the evidence he needs to prove his point. I would say that a common denominator in all of this, women [are] leaving toxic relationships and now won’t settle for anything less than what they deserve… Women aren’t afraid of being alone. It’s the men who are, and they should be the ones who are scared to be alone if they share these same beliefs.”

Ooft, that’s a mic drop. Hopefully Harrison retreats back into his cave for a while.

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