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Annie Philippe, threatened with expulsion? 50 euros retirement… “A total mess” for the singer of the 60s

Annie Philippe, who enjoyed success in the 60s with numerous hits, is now going through hell. The 77-year-old ex-singer receives a very small pension and is threatened with eviction from her apartment…

Annie Philippe Although he released a multitude of hits during the yéyé years, his hour of glory did not allow him to live his old age comfortably. The former singer, now 77 years old, earns an incredibly meager pension and spoke on the subject to Jordan De Luxe.

Annie Philippe reveals her tiny retirement: “I don’t sleep”

The one who had a string of musical successes in the 60s with Platform ticket, No taxi or My friends my friendsrevealed on the set of At Jordan’s that she received a pension of… 50 euros every month! A sum so meager that it now benefits from a “social assistance of 700 euros“monthly.

I trusted, I was not told at the time. A total mess“, she commented to explain why she received such a small pension. But how does Annie Philippe manage to make ends meet? “I don’t live, I worry, I don’t sleep“, she lamented.

Annie Philippe, threatened with expulsion? She can no longer pay her rent

However, the one who lived a romance with Claude François resides in a “very nice apartment“from Boulogne-Billancourt, southwest of Paris, since 1985. But for two years, she has no longer been able to pay her rent.”When I divorced from my husband Cyrille Guimard (the cyclist, editor’s note)everything has happened and at one point, you can’t anymore”she lamented.

Threatened with expulsion, the singer recently faced justice: “The judges were kind enough to say ‘no, for the moment she is not expelled‘”. Annie Philippe does not want to leave this apartment in which she has lived for so long, but she does not know how much longer she will be able to last with such a small pension and rent to pay.

Annie Philippe: “They stole more than a million euros from me”

Even when the interpreter of Baby Love was successful in the 1960s, its finances were already not in good shape. “I found out much later that I had sold a lot of records. I was made to believe that I wasn’t selling any. I was defrauded. I trusted. I was too young (…) More than a million euros were stolen from me“, confided the septuagenarian, moved to tears. The singer, who grew up in a modest environment, would have wanted to help her parents get by financially, but she never had the opportunity.

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