Lavrov: Europe is paying "Bills" It is giving up its independence and its industrialization is declining

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov criticized the European position on the Ukrainian crisis. Which led to damage to its “independence”. Economic indicators in Europe declined, saying: Europe was forced to “pay bills.” Its complete abandonment of independence, and its current status that makes it dependent on the United States, indicating that the decline in industrialization in Europe continues at a “tremendously rapid pace.”

The “Novosti” news agency reported The Russian News Agency reported on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement, noting that in October 2022, the French Minister of Economy, Finance, Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, Bruno Le Maire, sounded the "alarm bell" Because of the sanctions announced by the West, led by Washington, against Russian energy resources; Which made the cost of energy for European companies “four times more than for American companies.”

The Russian Foreign Minister pointed out that the United States had adopted legislation that was inherently protectionist to combat inflation, which put Europe in a subservient position, and said: "Business began to move actively from Europe abroad. So Europe is paying the bills now.”

In another matter, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova confirmed today that the development of cooperation between Russia and North Korea has angered the West because it obstructs their plans to destabilize the Korean Peninsula. Zakharova said – in a statement reported by the TASS news agency: Russian – “We are well aware of the reason why our cooperation with North Korea has been received with such rejection by the West. They have different plans regarding the Korean Peninsula.”

She explained, “The West’s goal is not to make the Korean Peninsula It is merely an area of ​​destructive developments or an area that is far from stability and security, but rather it boils down to plunging another region into the abyss of conflict, and this is their direct goal, specifically the United States.”

The spokeswoman added that the West is doing everything in its power to push The Korean Peninsula into open confrontation… indicating that the West is exploiting South Korea in its horrific plans to destabilize the region. She concluded by saying: “It appears that South Korea lacks sufficient immunity to protect itself from Washington’s external influence on it.”


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