MAFS’ Lucinda Launched Post-Reality TV Career

Married At First Sight‘s (MAFS) Lucinda Light has revealed her plans for post-reality TV stardom, and it involves healing and growth. Sign me the fuck up!

Although most of the MAFS folks move onto similar ventures — such as OnlyFans, podcasts and sponcon — fan favourite Lucinda has decided to take a unique route with her newfound reality TV fame.

The fan-favourite has launched a subscription-based portal called “Lucinda Light Tribe”, which has been described as a “nurturing space where Lu can prioritize your emotional well-being, relationships, and communication skills-often overlooked in our busy lives”

Per the website, for $27 plus GST (bloody Howard!), tribe members will have access to a plethora of perks.

This includes bi-monthly live Zoom calls with Mama Lu, an exclusive publication of Mama Lu’s “thoughts, musings and latest creations”, “a sprinkling of Pearlers throughout your week by Lu”, “giveaways and discounts on Lucinda Light Merchandise”, tea on upcoming events and retreats and a resources page with recommendations from the MAFS bride.

You know what? Now that I really reflect on this business venture, it reminds me of that one character from Yellowjackets... IYKYK.

In a video on the site, Lucinda shared a deeper explanation of what Lucinda Light Tribe is all about.

“You have just stumbled across Lucinda Light Tribe,” the beloved bride began.

“Twice a month you’re gonna have live Zoom chats with me. It’s a segment called ‘Ask Lu’, and you can submit questions around communication, conflict resolution, self-regulation, conscious relating — all of the juicy topics that I’m really passionate about.”

(Image source: lucindalight.com)

The Lucinda Light Tribe subscription-portal comes after she was rumoured to return to the franchise as an expert on MAFS New Zealand, but unfortunately, the fan favourite shut down the rumours as soon as they surfaced.

On the same website, punters can access Lucinda’s services for soulful speed dating, her services as an MC and wedding celebrant and her merch shop, which includes “party activator cards”.

And if you’re interested in what’s on these cheeky “party activator cards”, Mama Lu has an Instagram account (@partyactivators) dedicated to the game.

I must admit, the Lucinda Light Tribe is giving very much that one time in Umbrella Academy where Klaus had that collective called “Destiny’s Child”. I think the party activators are more my vibe.

If anyone deserves fame post-Season 11, it’s definitely Lucinda. For folks unfamiliar with her journey, Mama Lu was one of the more quirky brides to appear on the show. Although she unfortunately came out of the experiment without her reality TV husband, Timothy, she left with millions of Aussies’ hearts.

You see, she was just a very calming, very patient and very emotionally intelligent person — in my opinion. Also, one of my fave bits from this season was her Bullshit Investigators moment when she called out Jack and Tori for their “fake” relationship.

Anyways, whatever Lucinda does, I’m rooting for her!

Image source: Nine / MAFS

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