ESPN boss Norby Williamson LEAVES the network after 40 years… following Pat McAfee’s explosive accusations that exec tried to SABOTAGE his show

Norby Williamson, the executive at the center of explosive allegations by Pat McAfee, is leaving ESPN after 40 years.  

Controversial host McAfee launched a furious on-air attack against some of his ESPN bosses earlier this year, suggesting a ‘rat’ within the network is trying to ‘sabotage’ his show. 

He singled out experienced exec Williamson, ESPN’s head of event and studio production, accusing him of leaking information and trying to bring down the show. 

On Friday, a memo from ESPN president of content Burke Magnus – leaked on social media – revealed that Williamson is leaving ESPN on Friday ‘after nearly 40 years of dedicated service.’

Williamson, who was reportedly under contract until the Super Bowl in early 2027, said in a statement: ‘Almost 40 years ago in 1985, I was so very fortunate to be offered an opportunity at ESPN.

‘Due to the exceptional hard work, creativity and commitment of the people of ESPN, and to a much lesser extent my contributions, I’d like to think we’ve left our great company in a far better place than we found it.’

The note made no mention of McAfee or his allegations and, according to the New York Post, Williamson’s departure has not come at the behest of the host.

Instead, it’s claimed that Magnus decided to part ways with Williamson due to differing visions over the future of ESPN.

But his exit comes only a few months after McAfee’s extraordinary allegations against the experienced executive.

McAfee, who is reportedly paid upwards of $17million a year by ESPN to host his own daily sports talk show, took aim at ESPN chiefs amid controversy surrounding Aaron Rodgers. 

His comments came after Rodgers sparked outrage by appearing to suggest Jimmy Kimmel would be named as one of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates, and following reports which claimed the show is failing to hang on to viewers of ‘First Take’ earlier in the day.

‘There are some people actively trying to sabotage us from within ESPN,’ he said. ‘More specifically I believe Norby Williamson is the guy attempting to sabotage our program.’ 

He then continued: ‘Are we just going to combat that from a rat every single time? I don’t know. But somebody tried to get ahead of our actual ratings release with wrong numbers 12 hours beforehand.

‘That’s a sabotage attempt, and it’s been happening basically this entire season from some people who didn’t necessarily love the old addition of the Pat McAfee Show to the ESPN family.’

At the time, ESPN was quick to reject McAfee’s claim, insisting ‘no one is more committed to and invested in ESPN’s success’ than Williamson.

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