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The Egyptian Party holds an expanded meeting to discuss the party’s upcoming activities in the Red Sea

Hani Abdel Samie, Secretary of the ”Egyptians“ Party, held a contract. In the Red Sea, an expanded meeting was held with a number of members of the party’s secretariats in the Red Sea, this Friday evening, in order to discuss the activities that the party intends to implement during the coming days of the blessed month of Ramadan, in addition to the major celebration that the party is preparing for during the days of Eid al-Fitr, which bears the title “In Love.” Egypt».


”Abdul Samie“ said: During the meeting, the party has implemented, in recent months, a package of various activities within all the Red Sea secretariats, including health, educational, social, sports, and cultural activities, with the aim of strengthening the party’s societal role under the auspices of Counselor Hussein Abu Al-Atta, head of the party, and the Egyptian Parties Alliance, stressing that the party will continue its presence on the street. The Egyptian party is able to identify all of its needs and work to meet them.


The secretary of the “Egyptians” party added: In the Red Sea, the month of Ramadan witnessed many Ramadan evenings, entertainment and cultural competitions, and many celebrations such as the celebration of World Autism Day and Mother’s Day. Coordination is currently underway to hold more seminars and celebrations, most notably the Laylat al-Qadr celebration, and the “For the Love of Egypt” celebration, during which the party’s secretariats in the sea are renewed. Al-Ahmar pledged with President Sisi and the Egyptian people to complete the political, social and economic role provided by the party’s members and leaders.


Hani Abdel Samie stressed during the meeting the necessity of the party’s continuing role in serving the nation and citizens. And standing by state institutions in light of the challenges present on the regional and global arena and in light of the hostile media directed against the state, pointing out the necessity of listening to the voice of the Egyptian street and addressing the problems facing citizens and contributing to developing the necessary solutions to overcome them, in parallel with the efforts of the members of the party’s supreme body. In meeting the needs of citizens for public services.


This came in the presence of Jihan Ahmed Shawqi, Deputy Secretary of the Party, Osama Magdy, Assistant Secretary-General and Secretary of Organization, and Mustafa Al-Omda, Secretary of Membership. , Nesma Fathi, Secretary of Women, Counselor Hossam Ahmed, Legal Advisor to the Secretariat, Rawya Muhammad, Secretary of the Evaluation and Follow-up Committee, Abanoub Magdy, Secretary of Information, Abeer Muhammad Ali, Assistant Secretary of Membership and Ali Muhammad, Assistant Secretary of the Health Committee.

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