Zelensky became the most approved politician in Europe

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Almost half of those surveyed in different EU countries positively assessed the activities of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. The survey was conducted by the publication euronews and the French public opinion research center Ipsos. Among 26 thousand respondents, 47% assessed Zelensky’s personality positively. In terms of the number of positive assessments, the President of Ukraine was ahead of the leaders of the EU countries – Olaf Scholz, Emmanuel Macron and Donald Tusk.

It is noted that Zelensky’s personality caused contrasting assessments; among those surveyed there are many who evaluate him negatively. Zelensky received the most positive reviews in the Scandinavian countries, where 70-80 percent of respondents assessed his activities positively. According to the opinion poll, the president of Ukraine is treated worst of all in Hungary, Greece and Slovakia, where only 15 to 25 percent of respondents spoke positively about Zelensky.

Emmanuel Macron took second place after Zelensky, gaining about 41% positive ratings among respondents from EU countries. Olaf Scholz, following Macron, received 38% approval. It is noteworthy that Scholz and Macron scored the least favorable ratings among respondents from their own countries.

The least approved politicians, according to the opinion poll, were the leaders of Hungary and Russia – Viktor Orban and Vladimir Putin. Orban’s activities were assessed positively by 15 percent of Europeans surveyed, and Putin by 10. The position of the Russian president is relatively better in the opinion of residents of Bulgaria, Slovakia and Greece, where from 22 to 37 percent of respondents assessed him positively. In the countries of northern Europe, only a few respondents have a positive view of Putin.

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