American newspaper: The Biden administration is pressing for the return of the Palestinians to northern Gaza and to expand aid to the besieged

The Wall Street Journal reported: American Today “Saturday” The American administration continues to pressure Israel to allow numbers of civilians displaced by the six-month-long Gaza war to return to the northern part of the Strip and to facilitate the delivery of aid to the besieged people.


The newspaper explained- In a report published on its website – achieving a breakthrough in the ceasefire talks will enable aid to the besieged residents of Gaza to be expanded significantly, and reaching an agreement to allow civilians to return to the north may allay American concerns about the Israeli attack on the city of Rafah in southern Gaza.


She added that the White House’s behind-the-scenes efforts to resolve one of the main disputes between Hamas and Israel highlights the new weight the administration is placing on securing an agreement to stop the fighting in Gaza since the deadly Israeli air strike. Which resulted in the deaths of seven aid workers last Monday.


The newspaper continued that US President Joe Biden urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resolve this issue during a phone call the day before yesterday. Netanyahu also called for an immediate ceasefire and for his negotiators to be able to reach an agreement, according to American officials.


She noted that during the tense call that lasted half an hour, Biden said Also, Netanyahu must take immediate steps “to address civilian harm, human suffering, and the safety of aid workers.” “I make clear that US policy regarding Gaza will be determined by our assessment of the situation in Gaza.” 


The Wall Street Journal noted: According to the Arab mediators participating in the talks, Israel is open to allowing the return to the north at a rate of 2,000 people per day, most of them women and children. A maximum of 60,000 Palestinians could return under a proposal that Israel considers acceptable, but most of them exclude men aged between 18 and 18. And 50 years.

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