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Free Egyptians visit hospitals to congratulate patients and give gifts on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr

The Secretariat of the Free Egyptians Party in Assiut organized a visit to hospitals, accompanied by Dr. Mohamed Zein, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Assiut.

The party delegation was also accompanied by Dr. Ahmed Sayed, Undersecretary of the Health Directorate in Assiut, Dr. Safaa, Director of Al-Sadr Hospitals, and Dr. Ali Al-Zaqqi, Deputy Director. To congratulate the party delegation to all patients and to present gifts in kind and cash on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

This was in the presence and under the patronage of Representative Dr. Issam Khalil, head of the party, followed by Dr. Heba Wasel, Secretary-General, and under the supervision of Major General Muhammad Al-Asqalani, Secretary of the Governorate, and Muhammad Abu Ain, Secretary-General. Organization in Assiut.

The Secretary of Governorate and Organization was accompanied by the leaders of the party’s secretariat, namely: Salah Abdel Naeem, Assistant Secretary, Dr. Mahrous Mahmoud, the leader of the party, members of the office staff, Mina, head of the Health Committee, Engineer Ibrahim Asham, Secretary of Public Work, and Dr. Oyoun Nafi, Secretary of Training. And education in the party, and Mohamed Sidqi, a member of the party’s bureau.”

Mohamed Abu Ain, Secretary of the Free Egyptians Organization in Assiut, said that visiting and stopping by hospitals to congratulate patients is a qualitative initiative that aims to provide gifts and congratulations on Eid al-Fitr, and active participation raises morale.   This comes from the party’s launch and role in community participation with citizens on all occasions.

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