Tamer Mostafa: We strive to present a match worthy of us and achieve a satisfactory result

Captain Tamer Mostafa, the coach of the Modern Future team, confirmed his team’s readiness for tomorrow’s match against Zamalek in the Confederation Cup.

Tamer Mostafa said during the match conference: We wanted to come out with a better result in the first match, but the most important thing now is that we have set our goal. We are now without any pressure because we have determined our destination. We need to score two goals.

He continued: We seek to present a match worthy of us, achieve a satisfactory result, and advance to the next round.

He emphasized the difficulty of the match, saying: I know the size of the opponent. Well, and I know exactly the capabilities of its players, but the Modern team has distinguished and experienced elements.

He added: Both teams were exposed to harsh conditions in the last 48 hours with the death of Zamalek’s physical trainer and the death of the father of our player Marwan Mohsen, may God have mercy on them.

Regarding the first match, he confirmed that his team missed many opportunities, indicating that Modern Future was able to end the match in its favor.

Regarding the way to play tomorrow, he confirmed that he is not crying about anything and that he will focus his plan on the offensive form.

He concluded his words: We did not give the match a bigger size. We did not exit the tournament and we are still on the field. We have players capable of achieving victory tomorrow and rising.







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