Karim Abu Kahla wins 3 silver medals in the World Weightlifting Cup in Thailand

Karim Abu Kahla, a player in the national weightlifting team, won 3 silver medals during his participation in the 96 kg competition at the World Weightlifting Cup currently being held in Thailand.


Karim lifted Abu Kahla weighed 165 kg, 205 kg in nitrate and chlorine, and 370 kg in total.


The list of the weightlifting team in the World Cup

The list of the weightlifting team includes:


Karim Kahla – 89 kg



Yasser Osama – 102 kg


Abdul Rahman Muhammad – +109 kg

&nbsp ;

Nima Saeed – 71 kg


Sara Samir – 81 kg


Halima Abdel Azim – +87 kg


The tournament is of great importance as it is the last series of qualifying tournaments for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Schedule of Egyptian players’ participation in the tournament< /p>

The weightlifting team’s participation schedule was as follows:


Nima Saeed (71 kg) – Saturday, April 6 

&nbsp ;

Karim Kahla (89 kg) – Sunday, April 7


Yasser Osama (102 kg) – Monday, April 8


Sara Samir (81 kg) – Tuesday, April 9


Halima Abdel Azim (+87 kg) – Wednesday, April 10



Abdul Rahman Muhammad (+109 kg) – Thursday, April 11

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