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urgent.. "Heba Sadiq" Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rosal Youssef W"Abdal Majeed" For the newspaper, the portal, the golden book, and"Al-Tahiri" For the magazine and"Togan" Good morning

The National Press Authority announced the movement of journalistic changes in national press institutions, during its meeting today, Sunday, headed by Engineer Abdel Sadiq Al-Shorbaji.

The movement included the appointment to the Rosal Youssef Foundation of:


– Heba Sadiq, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Rosaly Youssef Foundation


– Ahmed Al-Tahri, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Rose Al-Youssef


– Ayman Abdel Majeed, editor-in-chief of the newspaper and portal of Rosa Al-Youssef and the Golden Book

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– Walid Tugan, editor-in-chief of Sabah Al-Khair magazine

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