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Fans hilariously react to Zendaya being gifted a giant croissant on red carpet

Fans have shared their candid reactions to Zendaya’s latest gift on the red carpet: a giant croissant.

The 27-year-old actor attended the premiere of her highly-anticipated film, Challengers, in Paris on 6 April. For the occasion, she wore a white, strapless gown with an asymmetrical belt and skirt with a train. She paired her outfit with a diamond necklace and silver ring, as she posed with her newly blonde hair.

During the red carpet event, one fan gave her quite an elaborate gift. In a video posted on Instagram by Women’s Wear Daily, Zendaya could be seen receiving a huge croissant, as she went on to ask: “Is it real?” After the fan confirmed that it was an edible croissant, she picked it up and started posing with it.

She then hilariously pretended to put the croissant inside her dress, while she quipped: “Can you imagine?” Zendaya once again thanked the fan for the gift, before attempting to hand it over to her peers on the red carpet.

However, she then realised that she couldn’t take the giant croissant to the movie premiere, so she told the fan: “I’m going to have to leave this with you for now. Maybe someone can come back and pick it up?”

The Euphoria star then offered some of the croissant to other people on the red carpet, asking: “Anybody want?”

Many people went to the comments to express their amusement over the huge croissant, with questions about how Zendaya could attend the movie premiere with it.

“Not even a paper wrap… I wouldn’t know what to do with it but throw it away!” one wrote, while another asked: “Wtf is she supposed to do with that.”

A third joked: “Her mother taught her to never take croissants from strangers”

However, other people expressed their confusion over the croissant, with claims that it wasn’t the best gift to give.

“That has to be the weirdest gift to give an actor in the red carpet. Like you can tell she was uncomfortable but liking the gift in a weird way lol,” one wrote.

“It’s cute for pics, works as a prop but ain’t nobody eating all that,” another added, while a third wrote: “Is that sanitary? Why don’t they wrap it in some sort of plastic or something?”

This isn’t the first time that Zendaya has turned heads while promoting her new film. Last month, fans were in awe of the green gown she wore when attending the premiere of Challengers in Sydney, Australia. For the occasion, she opted for a custom green, floor-length gown, designed by the creative director of LOEWE, Jonathan Anderson.

The glittering gown not only had a plunging neckline and a slit, but it also featured a reference to Challengers, in which Zendaya plays a successful tennis player who becomes a coach. The gown included an embellished black print of a figure holding up a tennis racket, with the figure preparing to serve a gold and black ball.

During a video of the premiere shared on X by a fan, the Disney Channel star even made a quip about her iconic dress, while expressing her appreciation for everyone who worked on the film.

“When you create a character, it’s not just you. You’re an amalgamation of a bunch of people’s work… Whether that be hair, makeup, our incredible costume designer, Jonathan Anderson,” she said, while she pointed at her dress and referred to the outfit’s designer. “Yeah no, I came as a tennis court tonight. A bedazzled tennis court.”

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