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Islah and Nahda appreciates the decision to raise the minimum wage for private sector workers to 6,000

Hisham Abdel Aziz, head of the Reform and Ennahda Party, appreciated the decision of the National Wages Council to raise the minimum wage for workers in the private sector to 6 thousand pounds, as of May 2024, describing the decision as “a bias towards social justice.” Especially since the decision is binding, since the council has legal status and addresses all employees of any facility affiliated with the private sector, according to statements made by the advisor to the National Wages Council.




Abdel Aziz added that the statements received from the National Wage Authority regarding the balance between the interests of workers and employers represent a guarantee and reassurance for both parties, especially since the decision granted faltering or incapable private institutions the right to submit a request for postponement or exemption, provided that It will be considered by a specialized committee to decide on approval or rejection.


Hisham called on all relevant concerned parties to quickly announce, transparently and comprehensively, all relevant procedures, how to implement them, and what are the mechanisms by which It must be followed in the event of disputes between employees and employers to ensure governance, effective implementation, and measure the impact of this decision. It guarantees a decent life for citizens, and contributes to lifting the burdens on Egyptians, especially those who are unable.

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