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"Planning": 96.2 billion pounds, the value of public investments in Cairo Governorate in Plan 23/2024

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development stated that the number of development projects in Cairo Governorate reaches 1,260 projects, and that the value of public investments directed to the governorate in the 23/2024 plan amounts to 96.2 billion pounds.


< p>This came in a report issued by the Ministry, on the features of the Citizen’s Investment Plan for Cairo Governorate for the year 23/2024, within the framework of continuing to announce the Citizen’s Plan in all governorates of the Republic for the fifth year in a row, with the aim of educating citizens about the directions and priorities of the Sustainable Development Plan for the fiscal year. (23/2024), and its role in achieving “Egypt Vision 2030”.


The report indicated that investments worth 29.6 billion pounds were directed to the housing sector, at a rate of 31%, followed by the housing sector. Transportation is worth 26 billion pounds, or 27%. The local development sector is 10.7 billion pounds, or 11%. Then comes higher education, 4.5 billion pounds, or 4%. Then the health sector, with investments amounting to 1.9 billion pounds, or 2%. The other sectors in the governorate are investments worth 22.9 billion. EGP 24%.


He explained that the most important development goals in the housing sector in Cairo Governorate in the plan are to direct about 19 billion pounds to drinking water and sanitation services, in addition to directing 691.5 million pounds. EGP for electricity services. The number of development projects in this sector is 93 projects, and in the local development sector the number of development projects is 495 projects. The most important development goals in this sector are to direct 8.8 billion pounds to pave local roads, and direct 257 million pounds to strengthen electricity networks. The plan aims to implement 173 development projects in the higher education sector. Including special projects to complete programs to support human resources development and infrastructure development.


In turn, the Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, said that community participation is the basic guarantee for the localization of development goals. sustainable development at the local level, achieving balanced regional development, and bridging development gaps between different governorates, in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030, and Goal 17 of the global sustainable development goals “Forging partnerships to achieve the goals.”




She added that the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development is keen to involve citizens in all stages of the development process, which begins with planning, then monitoring and evaluating the impact, and is always working to take accelerated steps towards creating the appropriate environment to enhance this participation, whether by providing data related to plans Annual sustainable development in detail, and issuing implementation follow-up reports on a regular basis, or proposing priority initiatives and projects, within the framework of a comprehensive and integrated participatory approach, in order to achieve the principle of “leaving no one behind.”

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