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The Council of Ministers approves the decision to amend the administrative boundaries of Port Said and cancel the deduction of the Al-Fath village site

The Council of Ministers, during its meeting today, Monday, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, approved several important decisions, as the Council of Ministers approved a draft decision of the President of the Republic amending the administrative boundaries of Port Said Governorate, in light of the President of the Republic’s approval to cancel the deduction of a site Al-Fath Village

for young graduates from Port Said Governorate, with the aim of supporting the integration of development projects undertaken by the governorate. During the meeting, a draft decision of the Prime Minister was approved to amend some provisions of the executive regulations of the law organizing universities, by adding the Faculty of Education at Luxor University. The establishment of this faculty comes with the aim of providing the various specializations required at the university in order to improve the educational and pedagogical service provided to the people of the governorate, as well as to reduce alienation. The current educational services in the region are limited to the College of Education at South Valley University in Qena Governorate.

The Council of Ministers approved the allocation of two plots of land in the North Coast district of Matrouh Governorate, for the benefit of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, to be used to establish an international airport (Ras Airport Al-Hikma International).

The Council of Ministers also approved a draft decision of the President of the Republic regarding the allocation of three plots of privately owned state-owned land in the Red Sea Governorate district, with areas of approximately 32.12 acres in the Safaga district, and approximately 32.25 acres in the Safaga district. Also, approximately 0.837 acres in the Quseir district, to be used in establishing seawater desalination plants, transferred from lands allocated to the General Authority for the Golden Triangle Economic Zone.

The Council of Ministers approved the transfer of the dependency of the July 3 tunnels in Port Said and the lands built on them. And the security zones east/west of the Suez Canal, for the benefit of the Suez Canal Authority.

The Council of Ministers approved a contract with the Agency for the Protection and Development of Lakes and Fish Resources (on behalf of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation) with the British Arab Company for Dynamic Industries (one of the Authority’s companies). Arab Industrialization) to license it to use the three Toshka depressions for fishing and developing fish wealth, for a period of 10 years, in accordance with specific conditions and controls, with the aim of ensuring optimal exploitation of the potential of this promising region.

The Council of Ministers also approved the recommendations of the Board of Directors of the Communities Authority. New Urban Development regarding the transfer of ownership of the plot of land located at Kilometer 27 of the Cairo/Fayoum Desert Road in the city of October Gardens, with an area of ​​126,408 square meters, equivalent to 30.1 acres, from the Holding Company for Sea and Air Transport in favor of the Bank of Egypt and the National Bank of Egypt. 

This approval comes Within the framework of settling issues related to lands transferred from public business sector companies to both the Bank of Egypt and the National Bank of Egypt, to exchange the companies’ debts to the two banks.

The Council of Ministers approved the reallocation of a number of state-owned land plots to private ownership in the Alexandria Governorate area. , for the benefit of the General Authority for River Transport, to be used in developing the river transport system, by transferring land under the supervision of the Lakes and Fish Resources Protection and Development Authority.

During the meeting, the Council of Ministers adopted the decisions and recommendations issued by the meeting of the Ministerial Engineering Committee held on 4/ 4/2024 regarding assigning a number of projects to companies, or increasing assignment orders, with the aim of completing the implementation of private works for 30 projects for the Ministries of Housing and Transport, to benefit from the investments spent on these projects, provided that the requesting parties are responsible for appropriate prices.

The Cabinet was also informed of the approval of the Board of Directors of the New Urban Communities Authority, in its session No. (186) held on February 11, 2024, of the request submitted by a company specialized in assembling electrical appliances, regarding the allocation of plot No. (10) with an area of ​​1,391.8 square meters in the warehouse area. Located next to the 2,600-acre area in New Obour City, there are active warehouses, with a system for selling in US dollars from outside the country.

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