Brent Vitiello’s Sea Moss Business In Hot Water

Mos x Daily, the recent sea moss venture of Married At First Sight (MAFS) star Brent Vitiello, has been accused of “scamming” customers — an accusation Vitiello strongly denies — after dozens of punters complained they never received the products they purchased. Some claimed they weren’t offered their money back for the missing items either.

Vitiello, who appeared on Season Nine of MAFS in 2022, blamed shipping delays for the drama, and says the business has halted orders while it changes shipping partners and prepares new packaging. He launched Mos x Daily in 2023, and sells jars of sea moss — which claim to support gut health — for $72 a pop.

The business, which Vitiello proudly touts as “the only sea moss brand in the world that isn’t a drop shipping model”, has been the subject of ire online with an ocean of one-star reviews slamming its delays in shipments. More than 50 people on review site Thing Testing gave the company one star and on Trust Pilot the average rating is just 1.4 stars.

“I ordered mine on Black Friday back in NOVEMBER and still haven’t got my order,” a customer named Lynette claimed in her 1-star review in March.

She said that after much back and forth, she received her sea moss — but it was mouldy. She claimed she was then offered a replacement of just one jar, despite purchasing two, and eventually she asked for a refund. Which, at the time of posting, she said she still hadn’t received.

Mos x Daily, MAFS’ Brent Vitiello’s brand, has been accused of scamming customers. PEDESTRIAN.TV is not suggesting Vitiellio has scammed customers, just that allegations have been made by customers frustrated that they haven’t received the products they ordered.

Dozens of other customers claim they faced similar issues with poor communication and unfulfilled orders.

“This is an actual scam! I placed my order 16/1/24 still haven’t received it,” a reviewer named Rachelle claimed in April.

“I have asked for a refund two weeks ago, I have received no response except for a notification my order has been sent via DHL 10 days ago, but there is no update at all. It only [states] shipping information has been received, so clearly the actual package hasn’t been sent. Please don’t waste your money!”

Vaish Krishnan, another frustrated customer of Mos x Daily, told PEDESTRIAN.TV she had ordered her item back in February and was yet to receive it.

Even more perplexing, she, too, was supplied a shipping number with DHL — though it showed no updates or movement — and was told her order would arrive in March. However, March came and went and she still has not received her item.

“I asked for a refund to be processed three times and the team on Instagram just kept insisting my order was on its way,” she told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“I got really fed up and lodged a complaint with Fair Trade NSW yesterday, and confirmed to the business I had done so and [that] I would like a full refund.”

Krishnan said eventually she heard back from the team, only to be told online chat support on Instagram wasn’t authorised to offer refunds and that she needed to email the company. She did so on Tuesday night and is now waiting for a response.

(Krishnan is an employee of Pedestrian Group, the publisher of this website.)

Mos x Daily founder Brent Vitiello told PEDESTRIAN.TV the widespread delays are a result of issues the company has been having with AusPost. He said parcels were arriving a month late both domestically and internationally, and by this time the sea moss would spoil because its current packaging only allowed a 30-day shelf life.

“This is where we made the decision to COMPLETELY change our packaging and partner with DHL, a more reliable customer service,” he said.

“We currently have an ongoing case with the Ombudsman and have made a formal complaint to [AusPost] for the mistreatment of our parcels.

“We decided as a business to halt orders until our new packaging arrived and our DHL partnership was finalised.”

Mos x Daily has a “no refund policy” according to its website, but Vitiello claimed the company will “absolutely honour any replacement and refund” judged on an individual basis.

“In many instances we have given refunds, sent out jars two, three times in our absolute best effort to appease our valued customers,” he said.

“Moss x Daily is not a ‘scam’. We have invested a significant amount of funds and hours into the brand to rectify all concerns.

“We are aware that there have been some complaints and we’re deeply devastated by the events that have occurred to cause this and we are working around the clock to make amends and get our clients their product as quickly as possible.”

Vitiello said he was personally DMing frustrated customers on Instagram to apologise and assure them their orders would be rectified soon.

He said the company should be back in action soon, and in the meantime the customer support team would try its best to respond to all enquiries.

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