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Mental health of adolescents: the well-being of high school students is worse than that of middle school students

Feeling of loneliness, risk of depression, suicidal thoughts… The mental health of high school students is worse than that of middle school students, according to a study published by the agency Public health FranceTuesday April 9.

The vast majority of middle and high school students perceive themselves to be in good health (86% and 84% respectively), according to the results of this survey carried out in middle and high schools. A large majority of young people in school are satisfied with their current life, with a higher proportion among middle school students than among high school students (82% and 77% respectively).

However, only half of the students surveyed have a good level of mental well-being (59% among middle school students and 51% among high school students). Around a quarter of the students surveyed have experienced a feeling of loneliness over the last 12 months, and this feeling is more present among high school students than among middle school students (27% versus 21%). More than half of the young people surveyed (51% of middle school students and 58% of high school students) regularly complain of difficulty falling asleep, nervousness or irritability.

According to the study, 14% of middle school students and 15% of high school students are at significant risk of depression. Suicidal behavior was also measured, but only among high school students. A quarter of them (24%) said they had had suicidal thoughts in the past 12 months. Girls are significantly more affected than boys (31% versus 17%), and around one in ten high school students reported having attempted suicide in their lifetime.

A helpline (0 800 235 236) dedicated to young people is accessible 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. (anonymous and free service and call). 3114, the national suicide prevention number, is also accessible 24/7, recalls Public Health France.

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