‘The Cleaning Lady’: Fate Of Adan Canto’s Character Is Revealed Following Actor’s Death

SPOILER ALERT: This article details The Cleaning Lady Season 3, Episode 6.

The fate of Adan Canto’s character on The Cleaning Lady was revealed in tonight’s episode on Fox.

Canto died earlier this year following a private battle with appendiceal cancer. The actor starred in the Fox series, playing Arman Morales, and could not film any scenes for the current third season due to his health, which started filming in December 2023.

Arman had not appeared and his character had been missing following a shootout during the opening moments of Season 3. Thiny and Nadia had been trying to locate Arman, and his captors had planned to return him after making a deal.

Nadia and Dante met the captors at the desert location where Arman was to be dropped off. However, Thony received information that Dante had known about Arman’s whereabouts all along and was involved in the kidnapping.

Thony and Fiona went looking for Arman and ultimately met with Arman’s captors on a collision course. Arman and Thony exchanged looks for one last time.

One of Arman’s captors pointed a gun at Thony, which Arman intercepted and a shot was fired. The truck, which had Arman, sent the vehicle over a cliff as Thony saw the truck fall.

The Cleaning Lady paid tribute to Canto with a title card at the end of the episode that read, “In Loving Memory — Adan Canto,” after scenes from Season 1 appeared on the screen of Thony and Arman sharing a dance and kiss.

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