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Catherine Laborde took refuge in Vendée with “a wonderful woman”: rare news from the host

Catherine Laborde, suffering from Lewy syndrome, now lives far from the cameras. But what happens to the 72-year-old former weather presenter? His sister Françoise Laborde gives his news.

What becomes Catherine Laborde ? The former weather presenter, suffering from Lewy syndrome, a mixture of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, had to withdraw from television and public life. But his sister, Françoise Laborde, gave his news on the set of At Jordan’sthis April 9, 2024.

Sick, is Catherine Laborde still with her partner?

The last time Catherine Laborde spoke in public dates back to January 2023, when she gave an interview to Current wife with her partner Thomas Stern. Today, the former speaker can still count on his support. “Her husband Thomas is obviously very present. And then his daughters Gabrielle and Pia take turns“, assured her famous sister in front of Jordan De Luxe. During her interview with Current wife in January 2023, Thomas Stern admitted that he had “want to run away” his role as caregiver on several occasions. But the advertising graduate of philosophy holds on, out of love for his life partner. “Angers, we swallow them“, he confided.

Where is Catherine Laborde located?

From now on, the one who made rain and shine on TF1 lives as a refugee in Vendée, on the Île d’Yeu, and “goes as well as she can go“, according to Françoise Laborde’s confidences at Jordan De Luxe. “There is a wonderful young woman called Alexandra who takes care of her (…) This summer, I think she’s going to go to the Gers for a bit, and I think we’ll try with Geneviève (her other sister, editor’s note) to meet all three“, she explained.

But even if the 72-year-old former presenter is well looked after, this disease remains very “complicated“to endure and manage for her, as for her loved ones.”It is the memory that is lacking, the balance that is lacking, the words that no longer come, she loses the notion of space“, specified Françoise Laborde.

Catherine Laborde, “not capable” of staying alone

On a daily basis, Lewy syndrome is characterized by loss of memory and mobility which gives rise to disturbing moments. “Sometimes she is very present and suddenly she goes elsewhere. She will say one word instead of another“, explained Catherine Laborde’s sister before adding: “It’s true that she can’t be alone for a second. It’s impossible. Firstly because she can have panic attacks. Then she can fall, anything can happen to her. She is not capable“. The entourage of the former weather figure on the first channel must therefore remain by his side, through thick and thin.

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