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Sebastián Lelio Unveils New Musical Feature ‘The Wave’

Oscar-winning Chilean director Sebastián Lelio has wrapped production on the newly announced musical film “The Wave,” inspired by the mass protests and university rallies that took place during Chile’s so-called “feminist May” movement in 2018.

The film —  starring newcomers Daniela López, Avril Aurora, Lola Bravo and Paulina Cortés — centers on Julia, a dedicated music student who gets involved in the growing feminist movement on her university campus — a group effort where women step up to bring attention to the widespread harassment and abuse suffered by many of their peers. Amid the excitement of protest marches, she joins her friends in dancing and singing, revisiting her own experiences of mistreatment. But as she gathers the courage to share her story, she unexpectedly becomes a central figure in the movement. It’s a role she didn’t foresee, but one which forces her to address her identity as a survivor in a society that promises change but remains resistant to it.

“I am fascinated by the idea of using the musical genre with its aura of romance and splendor to speak about the inspiring young feminist movement in Chile, mutual consent in the post #MeToo era and the political potential of the individual or collective voice,” Lelio said in a statement. “‘The Wave’ explores the collision between the urgency for change and the status quo through the intoxicating power of dance, music and… a band of masked women who are determined to change the world.” 

“The Wave” is produced by Juan de Dios Larraín, Pablo Larraín, Rocío Jadue and Lelio and was produced by Fabula and co-financed by Participant, who worked with Lelio on “A Fantastic Woman” and Fremantle. The screenplay was written by Lelio, Manuela Infante, Josefina Fernández and Paloma Salas.

The film’s original musical compositions have been created collaboratively by 17 female Chilean musicians including Ana Tijoux, Camila Moreno and Javiera Parra, as well as the film’s award-winning composer, Matthew Herbert. Herbert’s credits include Lelio’s “The Wonder”, “A Fantastic Woman”, “Gloria Bell” and “Disobedience.” The choreographer is the award-winning Ryan Heffington, who has worked with recording artists including Sia, Florence and the Machine and Christine and the Queens as well as on the series “Euphoria” and “Transparent” and the films “Tick, Tick… Boom!” and “Baby Driver.”

“It is in our DNA to share narratives that resonate with audiences. In this particular instance, our goal is to showcase the remarkable journey of Latin American feminists who, over the last decade, have shattered paradigms and secured rights through their activism,” said producer Jadue. “We aspire to evoke a sense of inspiration and emotion as you witness their impactful journey.”

Co-screenwriter Manuela Infante added: “I was a teacher at the university when about 100 female students lay siege to its main building. I stood very close to them and learned a lot from them. In fact, their experiences and stories are part of the foundations of this movie about what comes after the feminist uprising.”

Lelio’s previous films include Participant’s “A Fantastic Woman”, for which he won the Oscar for best foreign language film, the BAFTA-nominated “The Wonder” and the multi award-winning “Gloria”. 

The film shot on location in Chile over nine weeks.

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