Fury over two-week ban for 'malicious', 'unacceptable' act

Melbourne Rebels head coach Kevin Foote was stunned to learn Fijian Drua player Jone Koroiduadua only received a two-week ban for headbutting Alex Mafi.

Koroiduadua received a red card for the clash and was referred to the SANZAAR Foul Play Review Committee (FPRC). 

There it was found the infringement “merited a low-end entry point” according to FPRC chairman Stephen Hardy.

That decision left Foote bewildered, who lashed the review committee for its evaluation of the incident.

Foote said the incident should have been assessed at the top end of sanctions, which would have given SANZAAR a 16-week entry point to work from.

“There is intent there, whether he lands it or not is irrelevant,” said Foote. 

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