The Egyptian rowing team is preparing strongly to compete in the first stage of the World Cup

Maximum preparations are being made by the head of the delegation, the technical and administrative staff, and the players, members of the Egyptian National Rowing Team, day and night, in full swing after the end of their training camp during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, to compete in the first stages of the World Rowing Cup, whose activities will be held in the city of Varese, Italy, starting tomorrow. Friday, April 12th.

 The tournament witnesses large participation from many national teams, as it is considered the first real experience for the teams qualifying for the Paris Olympics.

Engineer Mohamed Taha, the technical director of the teams, was keen to The National Rowing Club aims to clarify the most important positives of the multi-disciplinary training program for the Egyptian national team during its various and active participations with the world’s strongest countries in the game in their closed camp prior to the first stage of the World Cup competitions in Italy, and this had a positive impact on the players now and in the near future.

Engineer Mohamed Taha, the technical director of the Egyptian national teams, added that the Egyptian rowing champions are ready to compete with strength and can reach the podiums. All they have to do is exert their utmost effort and the strength and energy they have, adhere to the instructions, walk in a straight line during the competitions, and not look back or at the competitors, and do their best. Maximum effort, to the last breath and to the last second in the tournament, and God will crown their efforts with victory, with the will and care of God Almighty.

Captain Pilot Hassan Amira, head of the Egyptian Rowing Mission and member of the Federation’s Board of Directors, held a meeting with Engineer Mohamed Taha, the technical director of the Egyptian national teams, and Captain Mohamed Gomaa, coach of the national team and players; To check on the team’s equipment to participate in the first stage of the World Cup in Italy.

 Captain Pilot Hassan Amira motivated the players and explained to them the importance of winning and their sense of the necessity of raising the Egyptian flag in the tournament and showed them that the Egyptian state did not skimp on supporting them. It provided means of support, support and care for them in order to win and obtain advanced positions in the championship, with the will of God Almighty.

It is worth noting that the Egyptian delegation consists of Captain Pilot Hassan Amira, member of the Egyptian Rowing Federation, as head of the delegation, and Captain Mohamed Taha. The technical director of the national rowing teams, Captain Mohamed Gomaa, the coach of the Egyptian national team, and each of the international champion players: Abdel Khaleq Al-Banna, who will participate in the men’s singles competitions, Mohamed Alaa Gota and Ahmed Khaled, who will participate in the men’s light doubles competitions, and player Ghada Nada, who will participate in the women’s singles competitions. Omar Hossam, who will participate in the lightweight singles competition.

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