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190 creatives and writers from 25 foreign countries present their visions to an audience "Sharjah Children’s Reading Exhibition 2024"

Sharjah, April 12 / WAM / The “Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival” – the largest event to enrich and nurture emerging minds in the region – brings together the public and visitors with 190 guests from 25 countries around the world presenting a wide range of inspiring speeches, discussion sessions and workshops that enrich the attendees’ experience from All age groups.

The festival, organized by the Sharjah Book Authority from May 1 to 12 at Expo Center Sharjah, under the slogan “Be the Hero of Your Story,” highlights the power of reading and its ability to enrich the experience of children, adolescents, and youth, and presents the experiences of elite writers, illustrators, publishers, and industry leaders. He wrote for children and young people to reveal to the public their relationship with reading and narrate their journey in presenting written, illustrated, and animated works of art, stories, and anecdotes.

This year’s edition of the festival will host Jerry Kraft, the American cartoonist and author of comic strips such as “Mama’s Boys” and “The New Boy,” along with Raul III, a painter and New York Times best-selling author known for presenting a creative, inspiring vision of the Mexican American experience. Contemporary and the two guests present a blend of art and storytelling that meets the aspirations of audiences around the world.

American Dr. Caroline Leaf, a pathologist, pathologist and neuroscientist known for her research on the relationship between the mind and the brain, will join the festival activities and will seek to inspire and enlighten attendees with her rich experience in the field of mental health and memory formation.

Participating in the festival are Stacey C. Power and Ying Eng from Malaysia. C. Power narrates selections from her many humorous stories and tales about childhood adventures, while writer Ying Eng displays her unique visions on creativity and learning, which she derived from a long experience of more than 30 years in the field of education and music.

They are joined by David Chik Ling Ngo from Malaysia, who puts his rich experience in the field of leadership and academic excellence in the hands of the public, as he was honored by Stanford University as one of the top 2% of scientists in the world, and his exemplary contributions in the field of education and institutional growth are a model that inspires everyone.

The festival will also host a variety of stars from all over the world, such as Leah Shalashvili, a writer and teacher from Georgia who has an extensive background in children’s literature, in addition to the American Dr. Al Jones, a distinguished psychologist and specialist in educational psychology, who will enrich the experience of the festival’s visitors with his theses and ideas.

From India, the festival brings together Mamta Naini, Bethany Clark, and Sohini Mitra, each of whom presents his visions and points of view on children’s literature and publishing.

The guest list also includes Kathy Camper, Hanna Mushabek, Lauren Tamaki, Leila Bukarem, Jan Mount and Zelmarie Viljoen from the United States, along with Joanne Steer from the United Kingdom, Dr. Sandy Zanella from Mexico, Toyin Akani from Nigeria, William Kelly from Ireland, and Diba Zargarpour, who represents Afghanistan and the United States.

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