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23 horses will compete in the Al Wathba races in France tomorrow

Paris, April 12 / WAM / Tomorrow, the Tarbes Racecourse in France will host two races for the Al Wathba Stallions Cup for purebred Arabian horses, sponsored by the 16th edition of the His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Racing Festival.

The first race of the Al Wathba “Stallions” Cup (the “Val d’Adour” Prize), with prizes worth 16,000 euros, will witness the participation of 11 purebred Arabian horses aged 4 years and above over a distance of 2,100 metres.
Leading the nominations is the colt “Ghassan” Lyas for the Horse Racing Management, supervised by Damien Vatrigant and led by Fabrice Veron, and “Al Jharf” for the Royal Cavalry of Oman, supervised by Elizabeth Bernard and led by Michael Forrest.

Also competing for the title are the horse “Petite Attica” by Daniel Lakiffe, driven by Valentin Segway, the horse “Show the Star” by Mehdi Bin Masoud and driven by Antoine Werl, both under the supervision of Olivier Tregoudet, and “Al-Ghabra” by Mohammed Fahd Al-Attiyah, under the supervision of Thomas Dumello, and driven by Julium Godjay.

12 purebred Arabian horses, aged 4 years and above, participate in the second race, a distance of 1,500 metres, for the title of the “Al Wathba” Cup, the “Chris II” Prize, whose prizes also amount to 16 thousand euros, most notably the mare “Kawthar” of the Omani Royal Cavalry, under the supervision of trainer Elizabeth Bernard. And drive the Merlin Ion.

Also competing for the title are the mare “Syrine Al-Mouri” by René Lore Koch, supervised by Thomas Dumello, and led by Julium Goodjay, “Cadira de Croat” by Muhammad Sheikh Suleiman, supervised by Damien Vatrigant, and led by Gary Sanchez, and “Ashraqat” by Imad Al-Din Al-Hatouchi, supervised by Elizabeth Bernard. , and led by Valentin Sikkuy.

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