Intensive meetings of the Supreme Organizing Committee of the African Men’s Volleyball Championship

The Supreme Organizing Committee for the Men’s African Volleyball Championship at Al-Ahly Club, headed by Mohamed El-Damaty, a member of the Board of Directors, continued its meetings to finalize the arrangements and preparations for the Men’s African Volleyball Championship, which the club will host during the period from 12 to 24 April.


The committee was keen to hold several meetings over the past hours, in order to quickly complete the required tasks to the fullest extent, and in accordance with the requirements set by the committee with regard to organization, accommodation, food and transportation for the teams participating in the tournament and the covered hall equipment.


The committee was assured of all arrangements, through complete coordination between the heads of the committees working in the tournament.


The past few hours witnessed the influx of African teams to Cairo to participate in the tournament, where escorts from the club’s youth were allocated to facilitate everyone’s movements to the accommodation hotel and training fields, as well as providing medical service to the technical staff and players in anticipation of any emergency.


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