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Happy birthday to Jérôme Commandeur! The comedian and actor celebrates his 48th birthday on April 12, 2024. Here is everything you need to know about him.

And one more candle for Jérôme Commandeur, whose birthday is this April 12. In a few years, anyone who participated in Star Seeds before experiencing success on the radio on Europe 1 and of course on stage, became one of the French’s favorite comedians. His recent participation in Lol: whoever laughs, gets out! on Amazon Prime Video has been praised on social networks, with TikTok in the lead. But what do you really know about him?

The latest information on Jérôme Commandeur

What are the origins of Jérôme Commandeur?

Jérôme Commandeur is born to a Sicilian mother and a father from Val d’Oise in France. The comedian grew up in Argenteuil, with his little sister, 5 years his junior. His parents were an executive in a mortgage company and an industrial designer. “At 15, I was doing theater in small suburban classes on Saturday afternoons and, two or three years later, when I matured, I realized that it wasn’t just a hobby, that it was a deep desire. But it’s complicated to tell your parents: ‘I want to make films and go on stage at the Olympia. he confided to Femina Version in 2020.

What do we know about the private life of Jérôme Commandeur?

The actor, who we could see in 2023 in Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom by Guillaume Canet in the guise of Abraracourcix is ​​very discreet about his private life and his sexuality. Asked by Madame Figaro on “the woman in the shadow of Jérôme Commandeur“: he then replied: “Behind every great man there is a woman, it’s true. Well those who surround me, who work with me, Aurélia Loncan, my press officer. I could say my mother, but that’s a bit cream pie“.

Move along, there is nothing to see, there is no question of talking about a partner, he does not comment on the subject of his love life.

Who launched Jérôme Commandeur’s career?

Sometimes it takes an encounter to provoke destiny. In the career of Jérôme Commandeur, it was Dany Boon who changed his life and took the role of producer very seriously by spotting him on television with one of his sketches (he worked on the shows Star Seeds, Rinse your bathtub, Hypershow or The TV is going crazy…). He then produced his first solo show – previously Jérôme Commandeur formed a duo with Paulo Goude – entitled Jérôme Commandeur is discreet.

A relationship which, over time, has gone beyond the professional stage, as Jérôme Commandeur recounted in the columns of Paris Match : “He saved me a lot of time, but our relationship, which has lasted for ten years, goes beyond work. I call him for details or for serious matters. He is always present, comforting, he helps me out the head of the water. The day we met was because someone up there thought of me, and I will be eternally grateful.”

Since then, on stage, Jérôme Commandeur has been a hit in the excellent show Very soflty.

What films has Jérôme Commandeur appeared in?

Jérôme Commandeur has played in several popular comedies such as Welcome to the ch’tis, Nothing to declare, Les Tuche, Superchondriac, Babysitting 2 or even Barbecue, Return to my mother, Jack Mimoun and the secrets of Val Verde… He co-directed My family already adores you! And performed solo Irreducible in 2022. In 2024, we saw it in the film The goats by Fred Cavayé with… Dany Boon. Unfortunately, the film flopped at the box office.

We also saw him in the hilarious series The torch: the adventurers of chupacabra. For TV Starhe said that he lived his childhood dream: At 15, I already wanted to be a comedian. I didn’t think about cinema, because I considered it something opaque. And it is, in fact! It’s an environment that is quite difficult to penetrate. Whereas the scene of a café-theatre, at the time, seemed more accessible to me. “

The Césars and Jérôme Commandeur: a ritual expected by the public

Jérôme Commandeur distinguished himself brilliantly on several occasions at the César ceremony as presenter or master of ceremonies. His sketch in the form of a false homage to the actress Betty Marmont made viewers howl with laughter and became cult. Just like his jokes towards the Minister of Culture at the time, Rima Abdul-Malak.

He also played a parody of independent cinema with Valérie Lemercier, also a star adored by the César audience. “The Caesars are a ceremony that is prepared like a marathon. I didn’t realize what a job it was. That’s the equivalent of three bonuses…“, he confided to TV Star. Every year, the César audience impatiently awaits his intervention!

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