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Agriculture continues the process of preparing and distributing cottonseed for the 2024 season

The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, represented by a high-level delegation that included Dr. Adel Abdel Azim, Head of the Agricultural Research Center, Dr. Abbas El-Shenawy, Head of the Agricultural Services and Follow-up Sector. 

Dr. Mustafa Emara, media spokesman for the Cotton Research Institute, said that the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture, which was accompanied by Dr. Walid Yahya – Undersecretary of the Cotton Research Institute for Production, and Dr. Mohamed Atwa – Director of the Cotton Research Institute Agricultural research in Sakha, Dr. Amjad Rayhan, the Central Administration for Seed Inspection and Certification, and Engineer Abdul Latif Al-Qadi –  Director of the Seed Production Department in Kafr El-Sheikh, inspected the cotton seed screening and packing stations at the Seed Production Station in Kafr El-Sheikh. 

"Ammara" explained The delegation visited the French sifting station, which screens, prepares and packs the seed of the Giza 94 seed variety, approved 1, as well as the German sifting station, which sifters, prepares and packs the seed of the Giza 96 seed variety, approved 1  In addition to visiting the fluff removal screening station, which screens, prepares and packs  Seed variety Giza 94, based and certified1  This is to follow up on the processes of screening, processing, and transferring the seed to farmers, in addition to visiting the laboratories of the Seed Inspection and Certification Department in Kafr El-Sheikh, and following up on the inspection and germination processes.

Dr. Abbas El-Shenawy, Head of the Agricultural Services and Follow-up Sector, praised the work and everyone’s keenness to work more than one shift and throughout the days of Eid.&nbsp ; To prepare and package cotton seed and follow up on transportation operations to agricultural societies and governorates, especially with the end of harvesting many areas of beets and the start of wheat harvest, which means that there are large empty areas being prepared and served for agriculture, as Dr. El-Shenawy said, “We are keen to  Delivering all seeds to all farmers. The Ministry and the Cotton Research Institute have prepared quantities of seed that exceed the targeted areas, and that there is no problem with the seed or its quantities.

For his part, Dr. Adel Abdel Azim  More than 45 thousand seedlings of the Giza 95 variety were distributed to the governorates of Upper Egypt, and so far more than 29 thousand acres have been planted  In addition to distributing 800 checks of the new brand, Giza 98, to Sohag  And the New Valley, and cultivation is being completed, and more than 36 thousand shekels of Lower Egypt varieties have been distributed to the associations so far. About 667 acres have been planted as of last Wednesday, and work will be done in 3 shifts a day at all screening stations, in addition to the use of other cars besides cars  The Central Administration for Seed Production to distribute the seed to all agricultural associations, and that the seed of the Giza 96 variety has been prepared and will be distributed  On the associations of the centers of Fowa, Motobas, and Dessouk, in addition to distributing Giza 94 seeds to the rest of the centers and neighboring governorates. In addition to distributing the seed that is prepared at the Salhiya and Kafr Saqr stations to the governorates of Dakahlia, Sharkia, Port Said, and Ismailia.

Dr. Walid Yahya explained  Agent of the Cotton Research Institute    The Seed Production Department in Kafr El-Sheikh contains 3 screening stations, which means that it is the largest screening station and it prepares the varieties Giza 96 Brief 94  With grades of basic seeds, 1 approved, and as of April 9, 2024, 300  A basic check of Giza 94 and 6850 checks approved 1 from the agricultural cooperation departments in Kafr El-Sheikh, in addition to 250 checks Giza 94 basic and 500 checks Giza 94 approved 1  On the agricultural reform departments in Kafr El-Sheikh  In addition to 3,300 certified checks, 1 Giza 94 on lands  Monitors  In Riyadh, Al-Hamoul, and Sidi Salem, 7,800 Giza 94 certified checks 1 were transferred to Dakahlia, 660 approved Giza 94 checks were transferred to Gharbia, and 800 certified Giza 94 checks 1 were transferred to Sharqia. A total of 22,910 certified checks 1 and 550 Giza 94 basic checks were transferred from Kafr El-Sheikh stations to the side. Transferring the seed of all types of auxiliary farms from the Sakha gin to all auxiliary farms.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Adel Abdel Azim, head of the Agricultural Research Center, indicated that work is underway in full swing, on all days, and there are no vacations, and that everyone is working. In order to complete the preparation and screening of the seed and distribute it to all governorates and all agricultural associations, and that the existing quantities are sufficient and more than the target for cultivation, wishing a good cotton season to all farmers. 


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