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Urgent.. Education refuses to transfer 7,550 high school students

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education is preparing to hold the high school certificate completion exams, which are scheduled to begin next June 10, amid taking new and advanced measures to combat electronic fraud in its various forms, in addition to quickly implementing all legal measures against any fraud phenomenon. It was without compromise, out of the Ministry’s keenness to make all possible efforts to ensure the regularity of the high school examination committees and to ensure the achievement of justice and equal opportunities among students, stressing that it is sparing no effort to develop the educational system and discipline all its aspects, wishing all students success.



The Ministry confirmed that it is taking all measures to organize the committees for the early conduct of the high school completion certificate exams for the academic year 2023/2024.

A central committee was formed at the Ministry’s General Office headquarters to examine all requests for transfer of third-year secondary school students, explaining that the committee required the submission of all necessary identification documents for the student to be forced to transfer, whether within the educational administration or between departments. Within the educational directorate or from one educational directorate to another.



The Ministry was keen to scrutinize all submitted applications. The committee, which numbered 12,375 various transfer requests between schools within the same educational administration or between different departments within the same educational directorate or between different educational directorates. The Ministry was also keen to reject all transfers submitted to specific educational administrations and directorates and schools that had a high concentration of transfers in previous years. And taking legal measures against any transfers made away from the Ministry’s Central Committee.



After careful examination of the transfer requests 4,824 transfer requests were accepted based on documents proving the reasons for the transfer, which varied between moving the place of residence or moving the place of work, while 7,551 transfer requests were rejected for lack of clear reasons for the transfer.

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