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A paramedic and a driver are returning "gold" A quarter of a million pounds were found in an accident in Sohag

Two young men from the ambulance service proved that the world is still fine, as a paramedic and a driver belonging to a sub-ambulance unit in the village of Shatoura in Sohag set an example of honesty and sincerity at work, as they handed over expensive gold jewelry that they found in a road accident.


The story began with a report to the ambulance authority that there was an accident on the Assiut-Sohag agricultural road in the Tahta and Tama central areas. Immediately, “Essam Radwan” set off to… And “Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Qader” With ambulance No. 2198 stationed at the Shatoura Village Ambulance Point in Tahta Center, to be within minutes at the site of the accident, the paramedic and his friend took the appropriate procedures and lifted the injured to transport them to the central hospital.

The two paramedics informed the director of the Sohag Ambulance Facility, Dr. Hani Fouad, of the necessity of receiving "Secretariat" They found it at the accident site. The director of the ambulance facility was surprised that the deposit was attractive to two young men, as it consisted of gold jewelry worth a quarter of a million pounds. Dr. Hani Fouad, Director of the Ambulance Authority, thanked them for their honesty, stressing that this is the ethics of Egyptian ambulance men.

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