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A parliamentarian calls on the international community to take action to stop the fire in Gaza

Representative Reham Afifi, a member of the Senate, called on the international community to take action to cease fire on Gaza, to avoid more conflicts that might break out within the region  and lead to the scourge of wars between countries.


She said that the Egyptian state, from the first moment of the outbreak of the events of last October 7 in the Gaza Strip, has been warning against the spread of the flames of war to other parties, especially in light of the continuation of inhumane Zionist practices against the defenseless Palestinian people and the attempt to liquidate them within their own land. Or displacing him.


MP Reham Afifi indicated, in press statements, that Iran’s entry into the conflict with Israel, against the backdrop of targeting its consulate in Damascus, will drag the region into a large-scale regional war. This will be followed by the loss of more lives and the increasing pace of the global economic crisis. Representative Reham Afifi stressed the need for the United States of America to move to stop the Israeli war machine, especially in light of the tendency of many European countries to recognize the state of Palestine. She pointed out that Egypt’s position has been consistent since the outbreak of the October 7 War and has repeatedly demanded a solution to the Palestinian issue to stop the bloodshed and so that it does not This conflict turns into clashes with other countries.

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