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Agriculture opens the wheat harvest season in Sinai

Engineer Tariq Salah, Head of the Land Reclamation Sector, witnessed the opening of the wheat harvest season in the fourth village, monitoring the East of the Canal in Sinai, in the presence of a number of sector leaders, popular and executive leaders, and farmers.


The head of the land reclamation sector said that this comes in implementation of the directives of Mr. Al-Quseir, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, to constantly communicate and follow up with farmers during the wheat harvest and supply season and to work to overcome any obstacles or problems they may face.





He added that the wheat farmers under surveillance thanked the Ministry of Agriculture for the efforts made to support them and the Egyptian farmer, and for continuous follow-up by providing technical support, and delivering appropriate agricultural technical recommendations for each period and for each crop, in order to achieve high productivity, which contributes to achieving a return. Remunerative from agriculture.


Salah stressed that the land reclamation sector continues to provide all forms of support to all beneficiaries through its supervision and facilitation for them, in addition to providing agricultural production requirements, as well as Following up on their crops, providing technical recommendations to them, and transferring modern agricultural practices and the results of scientific agricultural research.

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