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Françoise Hardy makes revelations about her ex-companion Jacques Dutronc

Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc formed a legendary show business couple. The singer, very ill, has just lifted the veil on a little-known part of this romantic relationship.

It’s been more than 30 years since Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc separated. In 1988, the singer ended their relationship after her partner’s numerous infidelities. This page of her life will, however, remain indelible, as she has just revealed on the radio.

Françoise Hardy and her songs: the imprint of Dutronc

Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc got together in 1967. Together, they had a son: Thomas Dutronc. The tandem forms one of the trendiest couples of the time. A love that will greatly influence the musical repertoire of the young Parisian. Because the vast majority of Françoise Hardy’s work is drawn from a single source of inspiration: Jacques Dutronc. “75% of the songs I composed or just wrote were inspired by what I felt for Jacques, she confided to France Inter in an interview published Monday April 8, 2024 for the release of his double compilation. The entire spoken part of ‘Personal Message’ recounts my experience with him at that time.”

In the song Personal message released in 1973, François Hardy sings the following words: “I’m afraid you’re deaf, I’m afraid you’re cowardly, I’m afraid I’m indiscreet, I can’t tell you that maybe I love you.” Although they are separated today, Françoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc have never divorced.

Françoise Hardy on Michel Berger: “I wrote to him with each new album”

Françoise Hardy enjoyed success in the 70s. In this same interview with France Inter, the woman who now lives alone in her Parisian apartment, confides in the role of another artist in her career: a certain Michel Berger, who wrote songs for France Gall at the time. “Of great importance, of course,says the singer who celebrated her 80th birthday on January 17, 2024. (…) I wrote to him every time he released a new album by France Gall or himself to tell him all the good things I thought of it. He always answered me.”

Suffering from pharyngeal cancer, Françoise Hardy says she has been suffering enormously recently. So much so that I want to leave “as soon, as quickly and as painlessly as possible”. “Since my last and recent radiotherapy, I have been doing poorly, because my right eye sees everything very blurry and is painful. My nostril on the same side is blocked all the time”she confided to Paris Match last December. As for his ex-companion, Jacques Dutronc is enjoying his recent retirement in sunny Corsica, where he lives in a house near Monticello.

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