Gal: Selfless Latrell act needed to save coach's skin

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The emergence of Jye Gray for the Rabbitohs over the weekend has raised question marks over Latrell Mitchell potentially switching to centre when he returns from suspension – and I don’t think it’s a bad idea for them.

I think it’s a good idea for the Souths side. I’m not a coach, everyone has got an opinion and everyone outside of the coach always seems to know better.

But for me, Latrell would be better in the centres when he comes back.

Latrell is a deadset freak, he is a superstar, but we know that within his game, there’s not a lot of effort plays. He’s not like a Dylan Edwards or James Tedesco or Joey Manu, he’s not taking 20 or 30 hit-ups.

He is a freak and is one of those guys who can create something out of nothing, but he will play a 10/10 game one week and then will be average for the next two or three.

He’s like a Ferrari – you keep it in the garage and bring it out on special occasions, that’s what he is like. 

With the fullbacks in the game at the moment and with Souths where they are at the moment, they need a lot of effort and that’s one thing this kid will bring. I think for them and the team and even for Latrell, it’s a good idea for when he comes back. 

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