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Gérard Holtz survived everything

Gérard Holtz almost died countless times. The 77-year-old journalist is a miracle and did not hesitate to proclaim it loud and clear to “France Dimanche”, where he recounted the accidents he encountered…

Gerard Holtz believes in destiny. The sports journalist, now 77 years old, was able to observe, throughout his life, that he was a miracle. And for good reason, the commentator escaped numerous incidents which could have cost him his life and spoke about this subject to France Sunday.

Gérard Holtz, a miracle: crash, tuberculosis, fall into a torrent…

Gérard Holtz is well aware that life has spared him on numerous occasions. “I have always lived with a huge luck factor‘”, confided the septuagenarian journalist, before explaining: “I have survived many accidents“And the sports enthusiast is not exaggerating! When he was a child, he was affected by tuberculosis.”with a severe lung infection“, then is “fell into an icy Himalayan torrent” later. “The worst of all was crashing in a helicopter in 1998 during the Paris-Dakar. But hey, I’m still here, so I consider myself the luckiest guy on earth“, he concluded.

A few years earlier, Gérard Goltz had told Gala the incident which could have been extremely serious, which led him to contract tuberculosis when he was young. “When my grandfather took me to the Bois de Vincennes, I fell from the swing and it came back in my head, scalping me. Within 2 millimeters, I was dead“, he said.

And added: “I had lost a lot of blood, continues Gérard Holtz. I was so weak that I caught tuberculosis, and from the hospital, I had to be transferred to the preventorium in Glandier in Corrèze.“.

Gérard Holtz, “struck” by his wife Muriel

If the former sports commentator is fortunate to have escaped death on numerous occasions, he was also lucky emotionally. Today in a relationship with Muriel, with whom he is madly in love, this father of two children Julien, 45, and Antoine, 37, born from a previous union, is convinced that their meeting was not due to chance.

It was love at first sight! I was literally struck by lightning the first time I saw it, on December 6, 2010 at 11:23 p.m. And luckily, there again, she was free and love at first sight was mutual“, he blurted out to France Sunday. Certainly on cloud nine, Gérard Holtz will also become a grandfather since his daughter-in-law, the journalist of Telematin Julie Poirier is pregnant with her first child with Julien Holtz!

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