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Michèle Laroque separated from François Baroin for 1 year, why did they break up?

It’s been a year to the day since we learned of the breakup between Michèle Laroque and François Baroin. The end of a 15-year-old romance. So why did they break up?

What if we looked back a bit? In any case, this is what we have been offering you to do for several weeks in our format Remember the…. And this Sunday, April 14, 2024, a look back at the discreet separation, just a year ago, of an emblematic couple of French show business: Michèle Laroque and François Baroin.

April 14, 2023, it is therefore in the columns of Closer that we learn of the astonishing separation of the popular actress Michèle Laroque and the right-wing politician, François Baroin. After fifteen years of love, the couple ended their relationship. A gentle and discreet breakup entirely in their image for those who met at Line Renaud’s birthday, organized at Claude Chirac’s in 2008. Together, they formed a pretty reconstituted clan with Oriane, Michèle Laroque’s only daughter born in 1995 from her union with Dominique Deschamps, and the politician’s three children, Constance, Jules and Louis.

Not the type to open up, and even less so when it comes to private life, Michèle Laroque and François Baroin had waited some time before speaking on this subject once it had been made public against their will. And it’s the now 63-year-old actress – currently at the cinema in the film Karaoke – who ended up mentioning the matter in the press. In November 2023, the Niçoise somewhat returned to the details of her separation from the man who has been a minister several times in the columns of Paris Match. “We had wonderful years together, life made us move in the same direction, then it pushed us in different directions. We have to know how to accept it”she simply declared. “It’s a mourning, but it’s not necessarily sad, it can be a new beginning for separate development”she continued.

And it’s up to her to continue: “My view of François has not changed: he is a wonderful man who deserves all the happiness possible”. And to conclude: “The key is to want to be in a relationship, not to need one. I have a wonderful solo life (…) It seems necessary to me to be good with oneself to succeed in your relationship”. Interviewed immediately by our Belgian colleagues from Ciné-Télé-Revue, Michèle Laroque revealed that she was living her single life “as she has always lived it, in search of absolute freedom, with the desire to find herself, to be herself as much as possible”. Very gently we told you!

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