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20 kilos more, muscles… IMAGES

“Koh-Lanta” is an adventure that changes you as a man… especially physically! The proof with one of the candidates of the current season who posted images of his new body on Instagram.

Although the shows are still broadcast every Tuesday evening on TF1 (to the great dismay of viewers who dream of a return on Friday), it has already been almost a year since the filming of Koh Lanta: immunity hunters ended in the Philippines, under the leadership of host Denis Brogniart. The candidates, eliminated or still in competition at the moment during the broadcast, have therefore all returned to their occupations. And on social networks, many people have been able to find the public (and transform the essay financially). This is the case of this emblematic candidate of this 2024 season….

Which candidate Koh Lanta radically changed physically?

Today followed by more than 12,000 subscribers on Instagram, this participant in Koh Lanta has indeed succeeded in doing well. Notably by documenting his incredible physical metamorphosis. This candidate is Ricky, the 23-year-old young man from the Pyrénées-Orientales. Eliminated after 23 days of adventure at the end of the terrible Ambassadors’ ordeal, the adventurer brought out by Léa who sacrificed him among the reds therefore took the opportunity to find social networks. And he gave himself a challenge: to evolve physically.

And for good reason, leaving Koh Lanta, the young man had lost dozens of kilos. But it’s a bygone era. In a video posted on April 14, his many fans were able to see his impressive physical transformation. In fact, he has gained 20kg of muscle since leaving the survival program. Intensive sport and healthy eating have been his two spearheads in recent months. The young man, whom the Web believed to be gay until he introduced his girlfriend, is no longer a shrimp like one could have seen in the camp at Koh Lanta !

A body positive message that feels good

As if to encourage his growing community to embark on such an adventure, the young transformed Ricky did not hesitate to show his weaknesses in the caption of said video. “Far from having the best physique!”, he actually began. Before continuing proud of himself: “But in 11 months, I’m happy with it. 20 kg difference certainly, but 20 kg of work each week. Don’t let anyone judge your physique! Be proud”. An ambitious message, which advocates body positivity, and which should inspire more than one.

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