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Al-Qabbaj issues a decision regarding controls for licensing small homes established to care for children

Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, issued a decision regarding controls for licensing small homes established to care for children with the aim of providing family-like care as an alternative to social care institutions in order to achieve the best interest of the child, which is an important step in the alternative care file.


The small homes aim to provide semi-alternative care that includes the provision of subsistence, rehabilitation and integration services and other aspects of educational, social and psychological care and basic services such as health and educational services for children for the purpose of integrating them into natural, extended or alternative families, and works to develop    

Each small home will have an internal bylaw, an ethical charter, a code of conduct for its employees, and a functional and supervisory structure that is compatible with the age groups and their individual needs that it aims to receive, provided that the functional structure includes, at a minimum, a person responsible for caring for the home, a social worker, and a psychologist. Educators and support services. Small homes receive children of equal parentage, returnees from alternative families, children who are victims of violence, abuse and human trafficking, children who cannot be cared for in their natural, extended or alternative families, and children with disabilities.  


It is worth noting that the Ministry of Social Solidarity works to support family care, which is based on providing all means to prevent the separation of children from their families, except in cases where this conflicts with the interest. What is best for the child, in line with the Ministry’s policy that the child’s natural place is in the home and family, and not in a care home. These are clear directives that the Ministry of Social Solidarity believes in, and it works to facilitate sponsorship procedures, reduce the number of care homes, and implement an ambitious strategy to provide the best alternative care for every child. And a young man on the land of Egypt, which contained an important goal, which is to provide alternative care from the perspective of  Integrated development and providing better services than  In order to improve the quality of life of Egyptian children and young people and determine priorities for work during the coming years in the field of alternative care, with a focus on the child’s health and survival, the development of his growth, education, protection, and the development of his effective participation in society.

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