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CleanTrace, an application to turn the chore of vacuuming into a video game

Cairo: Mai Kamal El-Din


Nobody really likes vacuuming, but we may have found a trick to motivate the most reluctant: transform the chore of vacuuming into a video game! He will not have escaped to no one except those who are hardest to convince to do housework (teenagers and some dads) are also the biggest fans of video games. Hence the idea of ​​transforming the vacuum cleaner into a game controller.

It works with an app and a holder to attach a phone to the vacuum cleaner handle. The phone will start by mapping the room with its camera to isolate only the floor. Then, it will follow all movements and display on the screen a purple trace wherever the vacuum cleaner head has passed. The aim of the game is, obviously, to cover the entire room and not forget any area. There is therefore, at the same time, a playful side (it’s like a video game) and a satisfying side, since we gradually see the floor of the room being virtually repainted purple.

This accessory, called CleanTrace, is reserved for the latest Dyson model and will be available in June. But this is something that we could quickly see on any vacuum cleaner, since we only need a simple application and a holder to install the phone. This would be the accessory dream most maniacal. They will be sure to pass through the every nook and cranny. And it could encourage teenagers to remember to vacuum half the room.

For the moment, there are no cookies that warn parents when you have sucked badly. But this could happen since we are already considering a rewards system with points to reinforce the fun side. On the other hand, we are starting to see snitches among cleaning professionals. The company AR-Check, for example, offers to equip employees with virtual reality headsets. They will precisely display the areas that have not yet been cleaned and send alerts if we forget. It starts with a fun side and quickly ends with precise control of the quality of cleaning. Our teenagers have been warned.

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