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Head of Parliament’s Defense: Egypt will not allow its national security to be compromised… and our borders are a red line

The MP, Major General Ahmed Al-Awadi, Chairman of the Defense and National Security Committee in the House of Representatives, First Deputy Chairman of the Protectors of the Homeland Party, and President of the Egyptian Parliamentary Friendship Association, reassured – Libya, all Egyptians, from the escalation of the Iranian attack on Israel, in response to the Zionist attack against its consulate in Damascus, early this April, and the dangerous military escalation witnessed in the last hours as a result of the launching of Iranian missiles and marches against Israeli targets.

The Chairman of the Defense and National Security Committee in the House of Representatives stressed that Egypt’s leadership, government and people will not, under any circumstances, allow any force to affect its national security or its borders, which it considers to be a red line that cannot be neglected or allowed for anyone to attack it, saying: “Egypt is a strong, sovereign and inviolable country thanks to its loyal sons, its people, and its great army in particular.”

The first vice president of the Hamat al-Watan Party said that the Egyptian political leadership is very keen on the stability and security of the region, pointing out that the response The Iranian attack on the Israeli attack against its consulate in Damascus is the best evidence that the Zionist escalation in the Gaza Strip has effects on the region, which is what President Sisi has repeatedly warned about, that the expansion of the scope of the conflict is not in the interest of the region and its people, indicating that what the region is witnessing now is happening. At the expense of the lands, stability and security of the Arab peoples.

The representative, Major General Ahmed Al-Awadi, added that Egypt had warned since the seventh of last October, against the backdrop of the flood operation between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, of its repercussions on the entire region and its peoples, which is what is confirmed once again. The political leadership’s insightful vision of what will happen sooner or later, indicating that Egyptian diplomacy is intensifying its efforts and communications with all concerned parties to try to contain the situation and stop the escalation, and spare the region the risk of sliding into a dangerous spiral of instability in the Middle East and the safety of the peoples of the region.


The Head of Parliament’s Defense revealed the repercussions of the military confrontations between Iran and Israel on the developments of the situation in the Gaza Strip and the daily suffering of the Palestinian people, which pushes the region towards further regional escalation, the repercussions of which will threaten the security and stability of the region, stressing Stopping the escalation is a regional and international necessity that requires the Security Council to assume its responsibilities in maintaining international peace and security, stressing that ending the aggression against Gaza and achieving just peace on the basis of the two-state solution is the best solution to restore stability to the region without conflicts or disagreements that threaten the lives of the peoples of those countries. May God protect Egypt, its people and its leader.. Long live Egypt always and forever


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