Russia managed to restore part of the oil refineries attacked by Ukrainian drones

Russia managed to restore some of the installations at oil refineries damaged by Ukrainian drone attacks. This happened despite lack of access to Western technology. This is reported by Reuters.

According to the agency, production has been partially restored at factories in Samara, Syzran and Ryazan. They were attacked on March 13 and 16. In April, processing capacity in Russia will increase from 4.1 to 4.4 million tons, the agency indicates. Earlier it was reported about the successful repair of a plant in the Krasnodar region.

Since the beginning of the year, Ukrainian drones have damaged 18 refineries, leading to a reduction in production by almost 14 percent. The drones are believed to be targeting crude oil refineries. analyzed in his mailing list, oil expert Sergei Vakulenko. He calls these targets easy to target, but notes that they can most often be repaired on site, and most parts are made in Russia.

Amid the attacks, Russia increased exports of crude oil to foreign markets. The Washington Post newspaper wrote, that the United States asked Kyiv to stop attacks on oil refineries: the publication claims that the White House fears an increase in oil prices. The last successful attack on a refinery took place on April 2: the plant in Nizhnekamsk was damaged.

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