An RN deputy will table a bill on Tuesday to relax the Solidarity and Urban Renewal law

The Bouches-du-Rhône National Rally deputy Franck Allisio will table a bill on Tuesday April 16 to change the SRU law (Solidarity and urban renewal), according to information from France Inter And France Blue Provence. The SRU law requires most cities to devote 20 to 25% of their real estate stock to social housing by 2025, under penalty of penalties. Franck Allisio wishes to make this text more flexible.

Today, the SRU law requires municipalities with between 3,500 and 75,000 inhabitants to have at least 25% social housing, 20% in less tense areas. In the RN’s proposed law, only municipalities with more than 75,000 inhabitants would be concerned. On the other hand, the RN proposes that these quotas be applied in the context of new constructions.

The government also wants to modify the SRU law. Prime Minister Gabriel Attal promised to reform the law to include intermediate housing, with rents regulated but higher than in HLM.

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