Conflict in the Middle East: after the attack on Iran, Jordanians challenge the authorities’ support for Israel

Cairo: Hani Kamal El-Din


Jordan, a neighboring country of Israel, admitted to having intercepted “flying machines” having penetrated Jordanian airspace during the drone and missile attack launched by Iran against Israel, on the night of Saturday April 13 to Sunday April 14. Which is not necessarily to the taste of the Jordanian population.

This intervention angered many Jordanians, who considered that shooting down Iranian targets in the kingdom’s skies was tantamount to their country’s participation in the defense of Israel. “Our victory for Palestine, the Palestinian people and the resistance in Palestine requires the defense of Jordan and its sovereignty”believes Omar. “Jordan’s intervention means that it participated in the defense of Israel, just like America and Britain, and that is a shame for us,” judge for his part Nour.

On the other hand, observers, including Hussein Al-Momani, feared that Jordanian intervention in the Iranian strike against Israel could lead to a military confrontation with regional powers. And this, even though the Jordanian authorities have justified that their response to Iranian missiles and planes was primarily aimed at protecting Jordanians and the sovereignty of its airspace.

“But it is clear from official statements that Jordan avoids siding with any of the parties”, he adds. Jordan, which closed its airspace to air traffic for more than ten hours, confirmed that the missile fragments that fell on several areas of the country did not cause any civilian casualties or significant material damage.

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