Family of Molly the Magpie share emotional update after bird was reunited with her Staffordshire Terrier friends

The family of Molly the Magpie have shared an emotional update after the bird was reunited with its two Staffordshire buddies Peggy and Ruby. 

Juliette Wells and Reese Mortenson shared a photograph on Facebook on Tuesday showing the family reunited at their Gold Coast home.

‘We are so excited to be able to share the first photo of the 3 besties reunited,’ the couple wrote. 

‘Thank you for giving us a little space to settle in and enjoy each others company again.’

Officials from Queensland’s Environment Department removed the male magpie from the couple’s home on March 1, saying the wild bird was being kept unlawfully.

But now the bird is finally home after spending 45 days separated from the family. 

The first photo of Molly the Magpie reunited with two Staffordshire Terriers, Peggy and Ruby (pictured) has been shared to social media

The photo showed the two dogs sitting on a white fluffy cushion while Molly stood on the side and stared into the camera. 

‘He’s singing, barking and sunning himself with Peggy and Ruby,’ Ms Wells and Mr Mortenson said. 

‘We are so grateful to have him back with us we couldn’t have done it with you’. 

The couple broke the news on Monday that Molly had been returned to their home.

‘We have the best news. Molly is Home. We are overwhelmed with emotion right now,’ they wrote. 

‘It was a very exciting reunion at the [Department] this morning for us with a little cry of happiness from Molly.’

Ms Wells and Mr Mortenson said they had been given a license to care for the bird. 

The turn of events comes after the Department removed the male magpie from the couple’s home on March 1. 

The authorities said at the time the wild bird was being kept unlawfully. 

The couple explained Molly is not looked after like a parrot or a caged budgerigar, as he is free to fly away and forage for food and make his own return. 

Social media users slammed the decision and followers of the Peggy and Molly Facebook page pleaded for the safe return of the bird to the family. 

Independent veterinary advice found that Molly, is ‘highly habituated and may have developmental issues’ which means the magpie cannot be rehabilitated and return to the wild.

‘The decision to return Molly has been made in accordance with the Nature Conservation Act 1992, following extensive legal advice,’ department officials said in a statement on Monday.

The beloved magpie (pictured right) was reunited with the owners of the bird on Monday

The beloved magpie (pictured right) was reunited with the owners of the bird on Monday

The department said Ms Wells and Mr Mortenson had agreed to several terms and conditions including wildlife care and training to look after Molly. 

Ms Wells and Mr Mortonson rescued Molly as a chick after he fell from his nest in 2020. 

Molly was originally thought to be a female by Ms Wells, but is actually a male and the name stuck.

Videos of the magpie playing with Peggy and Ruby which were uploaded online went viral and soon attracted a loyal fanbase. 

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