Handball: France named co-organizer of the 2029 Men’s World Cup with Germany

A World Cup co-organized by the most successful country, France (6), and the one with the best attendance, Germany. The joint candidacy of the two countries to host an edition of the world championship attracted the International Federation (IHF), which awarded them the organization of the 2029 tournament, Tuesday April 16. This will be the fourth men’s handball World Cup hosted in France, after those of 1970, 2001 and 2017. The other candidacy in the running, that of Denmark, Norway and Iceland, obtained the organization of the 2031 World Cup.

The two nations will therefore join forces to welcome handball fans to competition sites that are not yet all known. Paris will be the host city for the opening match and the semi-finals while two host cities in France and three across the Rhine will host the preliminary phases and quarter-finals of the competition.

In January, the men’s Euro which took place in Germany exceeded the million spectator mark in theaters, very often sold out. A Euro during which the Blues shone to offer themselves a fourth European coronation.

“After the World Championships of 1970, 2001 and more recently 2017, hosting this competition in France constitutes an additional opportunity to continue the development of handball,” rejoiced Philippe Bana, president of the French Handball Federation.

“The geographical proximity of France and Germany, the very short distances and the use of existing arenas, all this makes a major ecologically sustainable sporting event possible”underlined Mark Schober, the president of the board of directors of the German federation.

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