"It’s not a small team" : before the quarter return of the Champions League, Barça supporters fear the arrival of PSG

Hit or miss. PSG travels to Barcelona on Tuesday April 16 to try to secure their ticket to the last four of the Champions League. But for that, the Parisians will have to win after their 3-2 defeat in the first leg last Wednesday at the Parc des Princes. Paris wants to believe it, and Barça and its supporters have understood it.

It has been a long time since the Bullring of the Plaza de España, at the foot of Montjuic, has seen bulls. They no longer host bullfights but a shopping center, where there is obviously a Barça store. Ebrahim, who came from Israel, went to buy a jersey for Tuesday evening’s match and he is not really reassured. “It’s going to be tough, but I hope Barça will win. PSG have good players like Kylian Mbappé. They’re all good. It’s not a small team. So yes, I’m a little afraid, but not too much”, he assures.

At the exit of the Arena, Jordi queues at the national lottery kiosk. This Barça fan did not bet on PSG. “We will win quietly 2 to 0, he predicts. For me, PSG has too many shortcomings and I’m more afraid of Luis Enrique [l’entraîneur du PSG] than Mbappé because he is a leader. He knows Barça and Xavi well. His strategy worries me more than Mbappé.”

The Barça players have chosen the offensive formula, like Pedri, who prefers to forget the victory in the first leg. “It is clear that Paris is not going to come to Barcelona to give us any gifts. I think we have to play as if this advantage does not exist and go and eat them,” believes the Spanish midfielder. But watch out for indigestion, the last time PSG came to Catalonia, in 2021, they won 4 goals to 1 and Kylian MBappé scored a hat-trick. It’s up to him to set the table again.

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