Reuters learned about the failure of the Black Sea security deal

Cairo: Hani Kamal El-Din


Ukraine unexpectedly pulled out of a deal with Russia and Turkey on safe navigation in the Black Sea when an agreement was almost reached. About this with reference to four interlocutors writes Reuters.

According to the agency, Russia and Ukraine negotiated for two months through the mediation of Turkey, agreeing to ensure the safe transportation of goods in the Black Sea. Kyiv did not want to officially sign the deal, but agreed that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would announce it on March 30 – the day before the Turkish elections, which were lost for Erdogan.

“At the last minute, Ukraine suddenly pulled out and the deal fell through,” a source told Reuters. Three more agency interlocutors confirmed this. The reasons for the refusal are unknown. Russia, Ukraine and Türkiye declined to comment.

Reuters obtained a copy of the agreement. Under the terms of the deal, Moscow and Kyiv were required to provide security guarantees to merchant ships in the Black Sea, pledging not to fire at, seize or search them if they were empty or declared non-military cargo.

The Black Sea is a key route for both Russia and Ukraine to ship grain, fertilizer and oil – although their volumes have been significantly reduced since the start of the war.

In July 2023, Russia withdrew from the so-called grain deal, which was extended several times during the year, citing failure to comply with agreements on the part of Western countries. In February 2024 Ukraine statedwhich will not be able to protect the Black Sea shipping corridor without new US military assistance.

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