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The Minister of Immigration participates in the opening of the international section of the Armenian Catholic Sisters School in Cairo

Ambassador Soha Gendi, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, participated in the opening ceremony of the international section of the Armenian Catholic Sisters School, in Cairo, in response to the invitation of the school’s president and Sister Rita Elias, her legal representative in Egypt, in celebration of her sovereignty, as one of the school’s graduates.   A number of ambassadors, representatives,   The head of the Heliopolis district, and a large crowd of students and teachers.


The activities began with the school administrators giving a presentation about the history of the school and the most prominent activities it has provided to serve the community in Egypt since the 1920s. The school’s efforts to develop education and its accredited scientific departments, including the language school, which is the basic component with which the school began, and the international departments with accredited academic certificates attached to it. The department  American and British. Finally, the international one was opened to contribute to providing distinguished educational service, in accordance with the latest standards. In her speech, Ambassador Soha Gendi, Minister of Immigration, expressed her great happiness at being in her alma mater, which has been a scientific and educational credit for her and generations of students since 1937, and which contributed to building her personality and owes her all love and appreciation.


It emphasized the importance of schools for nuns and monks and Catholic education for the quality of education in Egypt, since the era of Khedive Ismail, and contributed to building many distinguished and moderate personalities among the people of Egypt with distinguished education and academic achievement, balance and intellectual moderation, and what nuns’ upbringing encouraged. The monks provide male and female students in these schools with the goal of building moderate, serious and scientifically and morally committed personalities who have a lot of societal responsibility, patriotic spirit, and non-discrimination. This led to many of its graduates assuming positions in the Egyptian state and excelling in their fields of work.   Ambassador Soha Gendi also confirmed that the Armenian community in Egypt is a distinguished community, and has distinguished contributions to Egyptian society, and many distinguished personalities have emerged from it over the years who have made their contributions to Egyptian society, stressing that Egypt has embraced and opened its doors to the Armenians who fled for their lives and sought it for For protection, it embraced them as it now embraces many communities that resort to them and still do, which is what drives these communities to integrate into its fabric to become an integral part of Egyptian society.


The Minister indicated Immigration indicated that the Armenian Catholic Nuns School had begun as a school for the Armenian community in Egypt, and over time it turned into a purely Egyptian school under Armenian Catholic management and a mixture of Egyptian students, Muslims and Christians, learning without discrimination, facing life together and learning the foundations of love and life principles,  Adding that foreign schools in Egypt reflect in their principles the feeling of security, familiarity, integration, unity and non-discrimination that Egyptian society gives to foreign communities, recalling the visit of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to the State of Armenia, which represents the first visit by an Egyptian president in 30 years, and which represents the real beginning of a partnership. distinguished between the two countries and an affirmation of the brotherhood and historical relationship between the two countries.


She indicated the Ministry of Immigration’s keenness to launch many activities concerned with the communities that lived in Egypt, including the presidential initiative &laquo &nbsp From the Ministry to meet these communities during its foreign visits, noting that we seek to meet the Armenian community and various communities of Egyptian origin in any country, the most recent of which was during a visit to California last year.  In her speech, the Minister of Immigration praised the distinguished educational boom that the Armenian School provides to the children of Egyptians and Armenians, alike, without any discrimination, adding that education is capable of reshaping society for the better, adding: “I received my education from kindergarten to secondary school in this way.” The ancient school, and I had and still have many friends,” adding that the school presents a number of the Republic’s top graduates every year, due to the excellence of its students and the quality of education there.


In a related context, The Minister of Immigration was keen to educate students about the importance of adhering to their dreams and working hard to achieve goals, stressing that this school and other similar schools graduate many prominent figures who have added to Egyptian society. She expressed her congratulations to the school on the opening of the international section, wishing continued success and excellence. For their part, the attendees welcomed the participation of Ambassador Soha Gendi in the event, as they emphasized Egypt’s role of love and peace, adding that the doors of the school are open to everyone, and we are keen to provide distinguished educational content that contributes to building a personality capable of serving society and building a true renaissance in Egypt.


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