The United States added 10 people and 12 companies to sanctions lists for Belarus

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The US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has designated ten individuals and 12 companies associated with the defense sector and the government of Belarus. About it it says in a press release on the department’s website.

Citizens of Belarus, Lebanon, Syria, Slovakia and Sweden were subject to sanctions. In addition, the restrictions affected organizations from Belarus, Cyprus, Iraq, China, Slovakia and Turkey.

The machine tool manufacturing enterprise StankoGomel, which signed a contract in 2023 for the supply of equipment for Russian defense concerns, is now on the sanctions list. The company “AGAT-Control Systems” was also subject to restrictions, as it supplies its products to the Armed Forces of Belarus. The sanctions also affected four of its subsidiaries – NIIEVM, Tekhnika Communications, AGAT-System, Innotech Solutions.

The Iraqi arms company Black Shield is also included in the sanctions list. According to a press release from the US Treasury, it purchased and resold weapons from the Kidma Tech company from Belarus. The Chinese company Shenzhen 5G High-Tech Innovation came under restrictions due to connections with the already sanctioned Peleng OJSC.

To the sanctions lists included also 10 people. Including Alexandra Oksenchuk and Oleg Yurchik – for their connection with the Chinese company Shenzhen 5G High-Tech Innovation. By data BELPOL project, it purchased parts for engines, sensors and equipment that are used in the production of tanks and other weapons. According to investigators, the parts were supplied first to Belarus, and from there to Russia.

The sanctions imposed include the freezing of assets in the United States, as well as a ban on doing business with American citizens and companies. The reason for expanding the restrictions was the government of Belarus’ support for Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Canada has imposed sanctions on 21 Belarusian citizens implicated in the crackdown that followed the 2020 presidential election and protests. reported in the Canadian government.

We are talking about individuals “who were or were involved in arbitrary arrests and detentions, brutality, intimidation and excessive use of force against Belarusians protesting a fraudulent election, as well as mistreatment of them after being falsely convicted, sentenced and imprisoned.” The sanctions list includes the heads of Belarusian correctional colonies and judges who made decisions on “protest” cases.

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